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Velanch earrings on the red carpet
8 photos

Aria Brooks on the red carpet for High School Musical the series Season 3. Disney

Stylist Haili Pue

All Ze Details


Earrings Velanch

2nd layer of earrings



Photographer Momodu Mansaray, Getty @iamafro , David Livingston, Rodin Eckenroth, Valerie Macon, Alberto Rodriguez.

Magazine feature. Japan
2 photos

My watermelon brooch as obidome is seen on reuters news and Tokoba Magazine Thanks to kimono stylist Stasia Matsumoto

Velanch creations as a Christmas tree decoration
9 photos

Suddenly I have this idea to use my creations as a decoration on Christmas tree! and I’m lucky to have a warm support from the owners of my brooches to join this fun movement with me! It’s great to know that my work are part of festive mood all over the world! Thank you!

Green scarab bug

Golden fish, autumn leaves beetle and bug

Grey bunny

New Moon brooch

Malachit beetle

Moths, cake slice, paint palette

Moth and bee brooches

Birs, Saturn brooch and earrings

Cake slice brooch

Rival magazine feature. Landry Bender
5 photos

Velanch earrings are on Landry Bender. She is an American actress and well known for playing the role of Cleo Bernstein in the Disney XD series Crash & Bernstein, and playing Blithe Pedulla in the 2011 film The Sitter. Bender played one of the lead roles, Cyd, in the 2015–2016 Disney Channel sitcom Best Friends Whenever. In 2017, she started playing Jackson Fuller’s girlfriend Rocki in the Netflix original series, Fuller House.

I’m grateful to Haili Pue who styled this look including my embroidered earrings for Rival Magazine issue 11
Photography Heather Koepp
Hair Erik Garcia
MUA Christina Barras
Videography Ray Genio

Brooches for embroidery competitions 2021
7 photos

I decided to take part in embroidery competitions again. This year I made two brooches for @greenbird contest with nautical theme. And one brooch in theme of russian fairy tales for Telpiz contest.

  1. ‘Deep peace’ brooch. Imagine the underwater world, beautiful and calm, no matter what is going on outside, how hight the waves are, you always feel inner peace, enjoying life as it is.

🔱I tried to replicate real marine plants from the pictures to create realistic mini sea world. 🐚There are seaweeds, different kinds of corals, sea feather, starfish, lettuce sea slug and oyster shells.

  1. Pearl shell brooch with starfishes,
  2. If you familiar with Aleksandr Pushkin’s work, you will recognise the vibe of my wise cat brooch. If not, here are the piece about it: “There is a green oak by the sea; There is a golden chain upon the oak: And night and day a wise cat Walks around upon the chain; It goes to the right – and starts to sing, It goes to the left – and tells a story.”

These are complex and unique work, not light-weight but full of details and story behind.

Obidome for kimono shoot in Tokyo, Japan
15 photos

If you are in Tokyo and would like to have pictures in kimono, you can order the photoshoot from InKimono and ask to wear Velanch handmade brooches as obidome!
I am!

Stasia offers personalized kimono experience: kimono styling, combined with a proper history and cultural explanation and a professional photoshoot.
Stasia uses only traditional vintage items and choose a kimono outfit for you based on your personal style and any requests you may have. She tells you about the meaning of each little item, add historical and cultural background, all while she dresses you.
And of course you may request to add to your kimono look one of my brooch by color or theme that Stasia has on that moment.
I will be happy to see your pictures in my creations, feel free to share them with me. Thank you!

Mob magazine feature
4 photos


My all side embroidered earrings were featured in the Mob journal.

Thanks to the teamwork:

MUA - @inavasilevamua

Photo and edit @karttori

jewellery - @velanch

Shop my brooches in Tokyo, Japan
6 photos

If you are in Tokyo, you can enjoy the sparkle of my brooches at InKimono real shop. 👘

Stasia has opened her kimono shop October 1st. It’s a honor for me to be there with my handmade jewellery. I sent the smallest and cutest embroidered brooches to sell in her shop that would suit as obidome or other way to decorate your clothes.
You can also ask there for a leaflet that represents my work to keep for yourself or to show to your friends. My business cards are also available in this shop.
If you want to see more of my designs in Stasia shop, feel free to write me about that.
Your pictures of the visit or modeled pictures in my work are always welcome.

Inkimono shop you can find here: 6-42-3 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

Embroidery competition 2019/2018
8 photos
  1. Royal jester beetle brooch from silk Au ver a soie threads.
    I made this brooch specially for the contest sponsored by Au ver a soie silk threads manufacturer and supplies shop
    This contest had no theme, so I decided to make something in my favorite medieval vibe. The main rule was to use Au ver a soie silk threads.
    It took me two weeks to make it and a lot of time to think about details.
    Size of the body is 1.38x2.56 in (3.5x6.5cm), width with wings is 2.76 in (7cm)

  2. Floral beetle brooch that was made specially for the beetle contest.
    This competition was organized by Valentina Telpiz, famous embroidery artist. I’m proud to be among 3 winners of her contest.
    1275 minutes of pure work, not counting the time to invent the design and picking supplies.
    Size of the beetle body is 1.82x2.56 in (4x6.5cm), width with wings is 4.33 in (11cm)

Embroidery competition, Impressionism
11 photos

‘Madam Coco in the blooming garden’ Hoop Art

This work was made for the competition in theme of Impressionism, sponsored by Swarovski and
Pierre-Auguste Renoir was my main inspiration. I also love portraits and flowers, so my work is full of embroidered blossom around my watercolour drawing. During the creative process I held the image in my head: the feelings from visiting the blooming garden in the summer morning. All the fresh smells of greenery, songs of early birds, dew sparkle are welcoming you. Festive atmosphere fills you with colours and happiness, here and now.

Size: 22x22cm.
Materials: 36 Swarovsky crystals, watercolor, silk ribbons, textile, sequins, wooden hoop, beads, glass cut, glass bugles, wool felt, linen fabric, glue, goldwork wire, DMC threads.
Pictures by Alexander Wagner