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Kingfisher brooch

It's here and I love it!!!
Thank you again so much.
Arrived super fast.

1 October 2020
Royal beetle with crown brooch in green and black

Lovely ! I love Elena’s work, the colors are beautiful ! And fast shipping, I loved the little word for my birthday ! Thank you so much !

24 September 2020
Gold fish brooch

It's so pretty, I'm in awe!
The work is so detailed.
Thank you 1000 times

25 July 2020
Bee Carduus brooch in white

Thank you very much for the beautiful brooch!
Your work is really amazing!

Klára Petra
9 July 2020
Labradorite beetle brooch, yellow teal insect bug

Hello, I received the package today, it arrived pretty quickly!😳 And the brooch is perfect, I love it! ❤️✨
I can't wait to wear it with proper clothes
Thanks again!

18 June 2020
Royal beetle with crown in pink and grey

I found it in my post box now! It's so gorgeous and very beautiful.Amazing, Love it so much. Thank you. I'll treasure it!

22 March 2020
Black heart brooch

Thank you - I received my pretty black heart, which I wore yesterday, it was much admired... thank you for your sweet note and I shall remember your creative store in future. Kind regards Suki

15 February 2020
New moon brooch in smaller size

It's so beautiful. So much details, so shiny.
I love it so much.

15 January 2020
New moon earrings

It's so pretty, I'm so happy

15 January 2020
White black wreath earrings

Они просто огонь!

11 January 2020