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Black gold royal earrings, medieval order, silk velvet

They are even more beautiful than I expected.

15 November 2023
Orion Constellation, New Moon brooch

I just received the brooch in the mail!! It’s even more beautiful in person, I can’t stop admiring it!!
you are a creative inspiration to me and remind me of the beauty in the fantastical. I will cherish this brooch always! ❤️

7 March 2023
Black swan earrings

I love them!! Thank you ❤

10 January 2023
Snegurochka Moonstone brooch, white, light blue, kokoshnik tiara, winter fairytale snow maiden

I'm obsessed. This is Beautiful.
Camera doesn't catch all the sparkles but omg.
The blue sparkles on the main stone are insane and the ensemble is incredibly beautiful!
A masterpiece as always!
Thank you again, I love everything as usual!!

22 November 2022
Red Maple Leaf Brooch , autumn momiji obidome

My brooch arrived today 😍
And it’s absolutely gorgeous ♥️♥️♥️♥️ the color is incredible
I am so happy

14 October 2022
White pink Moth brooch

Its absolutely BEAUTIFUL as expected from your stunning pieces!

30 September 2022
Jellyfish brooch

I received your beautiful brooch today! I love it so much😍So beautiful✨✨✨
Thank you so much, my dear Elena😌🙏💕 I’ll treasure it❣️

26 September 2022
Beige velvet cat paw brooch, animal obidome

The details are incredibly beautiful. Honestly scared to touch it) Even the backside is so neat! This one's gonna on a nice jacket!
I will cherish this brooch dearly! Thank you so much!!!

15 September 2022
Green Catbird brooch

So very pretty and delicate, thank you, the little bird has arrived safely.

26 June 2022
Berry stud earrings black red coral

The earrings are lovely!! Can't wait to wear them!
The pictures really don't do your work justice.

8 February 2022