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Hi, my name is Elena. I’m painting with needle since 2007. Beetles, flowers, cosmos, the middle ages, fantasy with touch of kawaii is my main theme to create. My love for Japan also has an impact on my work.

Since I was 3,5 I got connected to enchanted world of ballet. Two hours of classical music almost every day. Wearing beautiful costumes at the concert gifted the feeling of a fairytale. it was a pleasure to feel the music through the movements as well, pure balm for the soul. I think it was a good start for my imaginations and sence of beauty. Once I had to decorate my tutu by my self. It was my first experience working with sequins, that has increased my love for the sparkle. There were a lot of other costume accessories, that I made for my performances, using different materials I could find at home. I enjoyed that very much, but had no clue it will become my passion after so many years.

Starting in 2007, I could return to the creative process. It was just inner desire to make something with shiny materials. I bought my first bag of beads and made a lily flower on my mom’s sweater. I started to decorate other garments with beads and sequins and make bead embroidered paintings. My first accessories were square shape brooches and circle earrings. I tried to learn everything by myself, just experimenting and playing with colors, but I needed more knowledge to implement ideas I had.

In 2017 I decided to learn from professional embroidery artists. Since then I’m taking master classes and constantly trying new things. New chapter of my creative expression has begun. I had to change all my supplies to completely new and luxurious materials. I’m using colorful sequins from Italy and France, shiny Swarovski crystals, glass stones from Czech Republic, seed beads and brooch pins from Japan, DMC threads from France and many other interesting elements. I’m putting them all together in one piece and creating my own fairy tale this way.

I want to create things that will lift the mood, no matter the situation the sparkle and color will make it better. I believe embroidered jewellery isn’t just for special events, it’s a perfect everyday addition to your look.