Welcome to the World of my creations!

My name is Elena. I love to make beautiful things with beads and sequins. I enjoy every bead and how it shines. I want to share with you this beauty! I hope you enjoy the result and feel Love from each of my embroidery.

I've always been attracted to shiny materials, unusual shapes, different color combinations. But now I'm trying to express myself through the embroidery. I wanted to create something new, give meaning to my every creation, to share feelings and my vision of beauty. I am inspired by nature, and our invisible connection with the universe. I wanted to make items that could be worn. I started with embroidery on the clothes. Then came earrings, brooches, pendants and bracelets. I started in 2007 and still getting a great pleasure from the creative process of embroidery.

I believe sequined jewelry isn’t just for special events, it’s the perfect everyday addition to your look.

Feel free to contact me about anything.

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Love and happiness to all!