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Pink lollipop earrings, Statement earrings with freshwater pearls
EUR 125.00
Freshwater pearl drop long earrings, statement sequin silver white wedding
EUR 100.00
Topaz heart long earrings, blue topaz geometry sequin statement
EUR 75.00
Mother of pearl rose earrings, lilac pink gold long earrings
EUR 90.00
Black swan earrings, dark grey freshwater pearls, long statement sequin
EUR 100.00
Greek Goddess pearl earrings, white gold, long statement wedding
EUR 100.00
Swan beetle brooch, white gold ivory, wedding pure festive, pearl insect bug
EUR 160.00
Carnival beetle brooch, festive red ribbon yellow lilac pink blue, surreal bug insect, mexico carnival
EUR 175.00
Forgot-me-not beetle brooch, blue flowers, lime leaves, floral insect bug, botanical garden
EUR 150.00
Acid bottle beetle brooch, purple pink yellow, crown spike, modern bug insect
EUR 140.00
Jester beetle brooch with jingle bells, medieval surreal insect bug, statement harlequin
EUR 200.00
Stained glass beetle brooch in black and fuchsia, gold green blue, retro modern harlequin bug insect
EUR 150.00
Unicorn order brooch, playing card suit, rectangle brooch dark mode gothic,
EUR 95.00
Scarab bug with freshwater pearls, orange rose pink bronze, insect bug
EUR 110.00
Tourmaline scarab bug brooch, gemstone pastel insect spring beetle, pink yellow green bronze lilac
EUR 128.00
Scarab beetle brooch with heart in gold and pink, insect bug
EUR 140.00
Pink red square beetle brooch, black silver insect bug, medieval
EUR 150.00
King beetle brooch, royal crown gold white red ivory, surreal bug insect, medieval
EUR 130.00
Red hearts earrings, silk velvet, medieval victorian, long hook
EUR 80.00
Heart playing card, red gold pink blue, obidome victorian medieval
EUR 85.00