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Secret keeper Jester beetle brooch, red black gold, surreal insect bug joker, medieval statement
EUR 195.00
Berry stud earrings elderberry pink
EUR 70.00
Victorian stud earrings, red and peach, silk ribbon, beetle wing, silver posts
EUR 100.00
Victorian stud earrings, olive and pink, silk ribbon, beetle wing, silver posts
EUR 100.00
Light blue bronze bug brooch, winter insect art scarab beetle, harlequin lady bug
EUR 110.00
Berry beetle brooch with ceramic leaves, black brown red, autumn bug
EUR 100.00
blue coral Scarab bug brooch, insect beetle, slavic traditional
EUR 105.00
Half Moon face brooch, black silver white night sky, stars planet cosmos
EUR 118.00
Black heart Olive scarab beetle brooch with open wings, green gold, insect bug pin
EUR 150.00
Slavic Sun brooch, embroidered face jewellery, yellow coral orange gold sunny, statement big round pin
EUR 165.00
White pearl black scarab brooch, small insect bug, gold silver crystal
EUR 100.00
Pink emerald scarab brooch, bronze brown insect bug
EUR 95.00
Frosted rainbow earrings, blue rose lilac silver, white pearl, crystals
EUR 100.00
Lifebuoy coral reef brooch, green crab, seaweed water plants, red white, sea ocean life guardian
EUR 135.00
New moon brooch, dark blue gold, sparkle stars, cosmic sky obidome
EUR 50.00
New Moon Earrings, blue velvet cosmos, gold stars cosmic
EUR 80.00
Wise cat on the gold chain brooch, russian fairy tale pushkin character, story brooch for competition
EUR 225.00
Pearl victorian beetle brooch, Light blue purple amethyst lilac, white pearls, silk velvet, small bug insect
EUR 150.00
Coral reef brooch, nautical underwater brooch small version, blue velvet, red pink green
EUR 120.00
Pearl shell brooch with starfishes, 3D statement heavy brooch, nautical sea
EUR 210.00