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Purple cactus brooch

Received this gorgeous brooch in the mail today, really made my morning 💜💛 It's by the wonderful @velanch , who's account you should totally check out !

27 October 2016
Silver cactus brooch

My little treasure cacti brooch from @velanch is just perfect!🌵💎🌸
Thank you, Elena for this precious gift and for sending it twice, cuz the first time it got lost! 💗😆

25 October 2016
Green floral cactus brooch

I was one of the winners of the cactus brooch giveaway! 😆This beautiful sequin cactus brooch is made by very talented Elena @velanch 💕 She created this particular colors of cactus just for me! How special☺️💕🌵 Check out her page!
Elena! Thank you so much for my super kawaii brooch! I love this so much😍💕🌵I'm so grateful! You're so sweet and generous Elena! 🌵

4 October 2016
Turquoise cactus brooch

Я в первый раз участвовала в Giveaway и выиграла чудесную кактус-брошь от @velanch Спасибо большое, Лена, за радость и красоту, что ты даришь💕

1 October 2016
Pink tutu necklace

Look at my amazing necklace from @velanch! It reminds me of ballet classes when i was a beb. So unique!! 🌹😍🌹

4 September 2016
Sakura flowers necklace

My shiny pink perfection Double Sakura Flower necklace from @velanch can brighten up any day, and I can't thank Elena enough for providing me with the sequin pretties necessary to do just that!
I enjoy my sequin creations from you VERY much because even when I'm not wearing them, I still get to stare at them like glittering art

27 July 2016
Pineapple Necklace

I've met Elena's work thought her beautiful instagram page and I was so happy she agreed to make me a necklace for my niece.
Working with Elena was a blast, She so kind and understanding and she got immediately the image I was imagining . I had asked her to make something new and even got the choice to choose between different version of the necklace, what about that!
There is one thing, seeing the work on picture, but it's something completely different having the work in hand. The quality, craftsmanship and detail is simply amazing. I've spend a long time having the necklace in hand, looking at it and just enjoining it. My niece is going to be so trilled with this! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work Elena!

27 July 2016
Pink melon brooch

I just received this treasure from @velanch ✨ I'm in love with her homemade creations 💖 Ces petites broches ne me quitteront pas de l'été !

Laura Ou Pas
7 July 2016
Floral cactus brooch

Thank so you @velanch ! I am in AWE! The details, the craftsmanship is turns me into mush! It humbles me how humble you are :) I really do hope one day you will be able to open a gallery so you can show the world your wonderful creations 🙌🏼!!!

21 June 2016
Cactus Brooches with beads

Beautiful piece ! I'm in love with my brooch :) Thank you for your work !!

Anaïs Natiembé
12 April 2016