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Cloud brooch

this beautiful sequin cloud brooch by the amazing @velanch! Elena is the most talented sequin artist and this sparkling beauty was the winner's price on her recent giveaway! I still can't believe this little treasure is mine - this was the very first time I won a giveaway and besides, just right after my birthday! Oh I'm so happy :)

22 February 2017
Black cat brooch

@velanch 💕💕 it's so amazing in person!!! Thank you✨✨😻!

31 January 2017
Feather and cactus brooches

Oh my goodness 😣 i received a Christmas surprise from the beautiful @velanch. Thank you so much Elena, my purse is so much prettier with your bling attached!! 💜

24 December 2016
Perfume Bottle Earrings

Серьги от @velanch это самое оригинальное украшение в моей небольшой коллекции, подарок от души, спасибо Лена💝

Надежда Корнилова
20 December 2016
Pineapple brooch

my new @velanch brooch, isn't it beautiful? I love love love this pretty pineapple 🍍 💓 It makes me think of eternal summer and my days in South East Asia. Thank you Elena, you are talented!

ma nouvelle broche @velanch, la voilà la mignonne - je l'aime! 💞 Elle me rappelle l'été et nos années en Asie du Sud-Est ✨💝 Merci Elena, tu es talentueuse!

15 December 2016
Chocolate cake brooch

За вкусную брошь 🍰 спасибо талантливой @velanch 💕

4 December 2016
Wave necklace and cactus brooch

I'm delighted with my gorgeous necklace and broaches made by Velanch. They arrived exquisitely wrapped.They are just so beautiful.

27 October 2016
Purple cactus brooch

Received this gorgeous brooch in the mail today, really made my morning 💜💛 It's by the wonderful @velanch , who's account you should totally check out !

27 October 2016
Silver cactus brooch

My little treasure cacti brooch from @velanch is just perfect!🌵💎🌸
Thank you, Elena for this precious gift and for sending it twice, cuz the first time it got lost! 💗😆

25 October 2016
Green floral cactus brooch

I was one of the winners of the cactus brooch giveaway! 😆This beautiful sequin cactus brooch is made by very talented Elena @velanch 💕 She created this particular colors of cactus just for me! How special☺️💕🌵 Check out her page!
Elena! Thank you so much for my super kawaii brooch! I love this so much😍💕🌵I'm so grateful! You're so sweet and generous Elena! 🌵

4 October 2016