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Velvet heart brooch

Very beautiful piece. Love it. So intricate.
Can't wait to wear it.

Kim Geck
7 March 2019

I like to wear the brooches! When I wear the brooch you made, people who see it tell me that it’s so beautiful and gorgeous. I’m so happy

7 March 2019
Royal beetle brooch

I got myself this brooch made by @velanch the other day and I’m in love! I mean, look at the tiny details 👀
The colour scheme is exactly what I had in mind for my brand, so this is even more precious to me!

7 January 2019
Green scarab beetle

Absolutely love my beetle!!! Received it super fast and beautifully wrapped :) Very happy with everything.

13 December 2018
Heart earrings and brooch

I do love this wonderful set! You can wear it in many way, it is elegant if you wear all the pieces but if you wear only one earring it becomes so unconventional. Love it! Thank you

23 June 2018
Мои любимые жуки!!!

На самом деле я счастливый обладатель зеленого жука, чёрного зайчика с розово-чёрными серёжками в комплекте, и потрясающей палитры художника. Вроде бы надо остановиться, но хочется ещё и ещё (я бы точно скупила все подряд). Потому что все эти брошки и украшения просто потрясающие. А как они переливаются!!! Когда я думаю о трудах, которые вложены в каждое изделие, я восхищаюсь руками автора! Все таки hand-made - это очень круто, это энергия, тепло, которые ты получаешь вместе с прекрасной вещью совершенно бесплатно.
Давайте сверкать вместе?

23 February 2018
Panda cone brooch

I bought this sweet little brooch as a gift for my niece. She is very picky young lady, but I know she will love something so original, like panda ice cream brooch. Package arrived swiftly and safely! Honestly, I couldn't be more happy with my purchase))) Cute and made with attention to every detail, sparkly and shine, a miniture work of art! Thank you so much, Elena!

19 February 2018
Kingfisher bird brooch

I love the kingfisher, so when I found this brooch, I thought I wanted to get it as soon as possible! When I received it, I’m so happy!! It’s so gorgeous and beautiful ✨✨✨I’m so excited! Elena’s creations are perfect! Thank you so much 😊 Your creations are my treasures ✨💕😌💐

8 February 2018
Yellow rabbit brooch

How cute!! It’s so sweet and lovely💛🐇A pompon as a rabbit’s tail is also very cute and sweet💕I love this brooch so much😊 It makes me warm and smile😊🐇and feel spring atmosphere so much🌸 Thank you so much, Elena😌💕

8 February 2018
Strawberry brooch

It’s so lovely and beautiful. I love this strawberry brooch so much🍓😊 Elena’s creations always make me happy and smile😊 Thank you so much, Elena! I’ll treasure it !

8 February 2018