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Floral mandala earrings, bright gold flower, round small sparkle stud

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Quick details

  • Handmade
  • Not very lightweight
  • The studs (pins) are very delicate, so please don't push them hard, because they may bend.
  • Try not to hit or drop this earrings, because Swarovski crystals can be broken.
  • Keep dry, no water or perfume.
  • Please handle this pieces with care.

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Embroidered earrings with Swarovski stones, sequins, beads.

They are attached to a gold plated brass Cubic Zirconia earring hooks (origin South Korea).

Back side of the brooch is lt. brown faux leather.

Size with pusets is 1.18x1.77 in (3x4.5cm)

Colors: Gold tone, yellow gold, bronze, brown, iris green.

Materials: seed beads Miyuki&Toho, Swarovski stone, sequins, fire polished faceted beads, ear hooks.