2016 Jul 27 by Maegan @bohemianproclivities
Sakura flowers necklace

My shiny pink perfection Double Sakura Flower necklace from @velanch can brighten up any day, and I can't thank Elena enough for providing me with the sequin pretties necessary to do just that!
I enjoy my sequin creations from you VERY much because even when I'm not wearing them, I still get to stare at them like glittering art

2016 Jul 27 by Katelijn Smissaert/www.kuskatstudio.com
Pineapple Necklace

I've met Elena's work thought her beautiful instagram page and I was so happy she agreed to make me a necklace for my niece.
Working with Elena was a blast, She so kind and understanding and she got immediately the image I was imagining . I had asked her to make something new and even got the choice to choose between different version of the necklace, what about that!
There is one thing, seeing the work on picture, but it's something completely different having the work in hand. The quality, craftsmanship and detail is simply amazing. I've spend a long time having the necklace in hand, looking at it and just enjoining it. My niece is going to be so trilled with this! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work Elena!

2016 Apr 12 by Anaïs Natiembé
Cactus Brooches with beads

Beautiful piece ! I'm in love with my brooch :) Thank you for your work !!

2016 Apr 09 by Maegan
Cactus Brooches

Have never found a more perfect set of glittering cacti🌵 These are truly one of a kind creations!!

2016 Apr 09 by Maegan
Fish Brooch

So in love with this pink and silver fish brooch!! Not only does it adorn clothes, I can also make it hair jewelry by simply adding a bobby pin! Elena's creations are perfection💕

2016 Apr 09 by Maegan
Pastel Geometry Earrings

These pastel earrings are about as Springtime as it gets! The color combination is delicious, highly recommend💕

2016 Apr 09 by Maegan
Cosmic Moon Collar Brooches

Absolutely adore this set of brooches! Colors and details are fantastic and the shopowner is such a sweetheart💕

2016 Apr 09 by Maegan
Cactus Brooches

These are the absolute cutest, most colorful cacti I have come across on Etsy!!🌵The attention to detail is commendable, and I HIGHLY recommend this shop!

2015 Aug 07 by Zoë Linz
Cosmic Moon Collar Brooches

These pins were absolutely adorable. They are beautifully made and look great! Thankyou so much.

2015 May 27 by Joumana Saoud
Red gold dreamcatcher Earrings

Today, first time I wear this, as it is hard to choose what to wear everyday given I bought a lot of your earrings :)
I want to thank you for being very cooperative when I told you that I want a red and gold earrings. You responded to my request immediately and see me the options of colors and you even went with me through the design. That shows a high level of professionalism in what you do and I was surprised that you made earrings same day! You are truly amazing.
I will always be back to your shop and definitely I am a loyal customer :) Thank you Elena.

2015 May 27 by Joumana Saoud
Bells Flower Earrings

Awesome awesome awesome earrings!! And amazing seller. I cannot get enough of your earrings. First time I wear this one today and got 5 comments from colleagues who saw me wearing it. Thanks a lot xxx

2015 May 27 by Joumana Saoud
Energy Hug Earrings

This is a fantastic piece. Colors are great and looks so pretty on my ears.
Planning to wear it for the first time to work tomorrow :)
I kept looking and looking at these earrings before buying it as i was not sure it will suit me but it is more than Perfect!!! I am glad I bought it :)

2015 May 27 by Joumana Saoud
Sakura blossom Earrings

This summery pair of earrings is so soft. Makes me feel happy when I look at it :) so imagine the joy when I wear it.
I get lot of compliments on the earrings I buy from your shop.
You are very talented Elena, keep doing these beautiful earrings :)

2015 May 27 by Joumana Saoud
Futuristic earrings

Thank you for this sweet earring, I love the colors combination and the design. You make the best light Chandelier style earrings on Etsy!

2015 May 27 by Joumana Saoud
Cosmic civilization earrings

Thanks a million for the beautiful colors and unique design!! I was wearing this yesterday and also today when i went out with friends. It is eye catching like all your pieces, I feel special when I wear one of your creations. Only issue for me is it seems I will buy all earrings in your shop!

2015 Apr 26 by tonya bauer
Turquoise mustard bead Earr...



2015 Apr 15 by Joumana Saoud
Bronze coin Earrings

These earrings match many necklaces that I have and scarves. Perfect color and design, i was wearing it today. Keep your creativity! Amazing xx

2015 Apr 15 by Joumana Saoud
Golden dust earrings

So pretty, light and attractive.
I love it!

2015 Apr 15 by Joumana Saoud
Tulip Tassel Earrings

I have issue now as since I started buying from you, I wear only your earrings, no other earrings at all :)
This one is so beautiful

2015 Mar 23 by Joumana Saoud
Kokeshi Doll Sakura flowers...

A pair of earrings like no other. It stands out, wearing it alone with a plain blouse will make a statement. You have a great mind and talent. Thank you!

2015 Mar 23 by Joumana Saoud
Orchid Black Orange Earrings

Cannot tell you enough how Much I love your work. You make truly amazing earrings xxx thanks a lot!

2015 Mar 23 by Joumana Saoud
Lime Drop Earrings Bronze G...

Thank you very much for another pair of stunning earrings! I find it difficult to choose what to wear everyday :)

2015 Feb 10 by Branka
Heart Collar Double Brooches

Beautiful brooch, looks exactly like in the picture. I receive plenty of compliments when I wear it, it makes my grey/white business clothes look optimistic and a bit different than usual!

2014 Dec 26 by Valentina
Collar Brooch

Beautiful! Great service! Thank you so much! :)

2014 Dec 18 by Joumana Saoud
Earrings Etheric Temple

You know how much I loved this earrings! It is a woooooow piece! i would buy each and every earring you make if I can! all your pieces are beautiful!

2014 Dec 18 by Joumana Saoud
Leopard Sequin Earrings

I love animals so of course I couldn't resist not adding this to my collection. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! Thanks a lot xxx

2014 Dec 18 by Joumana Saoud
Queen Earrings

Woooowzie will match perfectly with my elephant statement necklace. I just love all your work, such a talented girl you are! If you love statement earrings then you must buy from here, this is my 8th pair of earrings from her.

2014 Dec 18 by Joumana Saoud
Gold wave earrings

Million LOVE! what a beautiful and elegant piece! Thanks so much xoxo

2014 Dec 09 by Ildi
Om earrings

Beautiful and shiny, gorgeous earrings!!! Thank you!

2014 Dec 09 by Ildi
Acorn Brooch

Nice brooch, really special, I love it!!! Thanks Elena, I'm coming back to shop soon!!!

2014 Dec 09 by Ildi
Red Hearts Earrings

Beautiful color, high quality jewelry. I bought as a gift to a blond girl and it is so gorgeous on her. Delivery was so quick and the seller is super friendly and helpful:)))

2014 Dec 09 by Joumana Saoud
Tropical Parrot Colorful Se...

I love love love these earrings! So beautiful :) Thank you!

2014 Dec 09 by Joumana Saoud
Confetti earrings

Perfect and match many of my accessories. High quality, lots of work to make these earrings and make them look perfect!!
I will be a returning customer.

2014 Dec 09 by Joumana Saoud
Periwinkle blue gold sequin...

I saw these earrings and loved them and I saw 5 stars review made by another lady so I thought I must pick them up too ☺ I am glad that I did. So so pretty and elegant.

2014 Dec 09 by Joumana Saoud
Open your heart earrings

One of most beautiful earrings that I saw in my life! Stunning earrings, if you love pink color and statement earrings then you will love this one. Thanks so much xoxo

2014 Sep 28 by Alice Kelly
Earrings "Chocolate cake wi...

Really fast to get here, and the earrings are sooooo lovely, I will defiantly get more. They are so nicely made, and so unique.

2014 Sep 28 by Alice Kelly
Open your heart earrings

I LOVE them! they are so detailed and look so nice on, and they are really light weight

2014 Sep 28 by Alice Kelly
Earrings Gold spirals in ch...

There are the best, I love them and they are really well made

2014 Apr 23 by Anja
Burgundy bow Earrings

Thank you so much! It is so beautiful!

2014 Apr 09 by Esperluete
Blue green earrings

Super earrings! Very fast shipping and beautiful colors! Thanks.

2014 Mar 16 by Elena
Periwinkle blue gold sequin...

Just gorgeous, can't wait to wear them!

2014 Mar 16 by Elena
Coral Grey Earrings

Really unique earrings that you can't find anywhere else! Love them!

2014 Feb 07 by massmedia

really pretty earrings and so lightweight! i love them. thank you!

2013 Dec 12 by Beatrice Welles
Periwinkle blue gold sequin...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous,
Perfectly balanced, comfortable, lightweight
Want 20 pairs!!!!
Thank you

2013 Dec 12 by Beatrice Welles
Om earrings

Absolutely FABULOUS.!!!! Perfect colors, elegant, lightweight, PERFECT!

Thank you!

2013 Jul 03 by Anonymous
Tribal earrings

Absolutely love it!!!

2012 Nov 28 by Anonymous

The earrings are even more beautiful and delicate in reality than in the photos. They have a soft back and they are super-lightweight. The colors are exactly as in the picture, too :). Thank you so much Elena :)

2012 Nov 13 by Anonymous
Mint Earrings

Love these!

2012 Nov 13 by Anonymous
Pastel earrings

Love these so much!!! They are beautiful.

2012 Jul 09 by Anonymous
Little earrings

Such beautiful earrings! They arrived quickly, in gorgeous packaging, and were so beautifully made! Seller was so sweet and helpful. I am so pleased with this purchase. Thank you!

2010 Jun 24 by Anonymous
Spring brooch

This is soo beautiful. The detail is exquisite. I LOVE IT! Thank you very much!

2009 Dec 28 by Anonymous
Caramel fun brooch

Very quick ship!
Can't wait to wear it!
Thanks again