Shirt "Spring Meadows" №2

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Another T-shirt has blossomed like a Spring meadow! At this time, each flower is larger and more accurate and blooms its beautiful saturated colors without repeating the previous one. Now spring is always with you, no matter what time of year!

Materials: The new black shirt. Size: S (EUR-36,I-40, GB-10, F-38.)
 100% cotton, beads, sequins, bugles. Total: 8 colors and 7 flowers. Width embroidery 21 sm. high 19,5 cm

The contours of flowers embroidered with large beads, which makes the embroidery more expressive. Color bead closest to the color of sequins. 

 Each sequins sewn on two sides, which prevents its turning and the image does not lose its meaning. For sequins description is unavailable. only delicate hand-washing. It really is not checked. But I know that they are not allowed to rub and scratch. I do not take responsibility for the loss of color materials. Nothing is forever. 

Produced: 2010.04.10


Ann wrote:

Именно так я их и увидела в хороводе!!!!Магические цветы и вправду в движении!!!!

Eлена wrote:

"Танец цветов" даже более подходящее название,спасибо! Уже представила как цветочки крутятся по кругу в хороводе..;)

Ann wrote:

Мммм, какое сочетание цвета!!!Нежно!!!
Танец цветов!

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