Black Leaves Yellow Flowers Necklace

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This Black Leaves Necklace is designed and made by me.

There is a hand embroidered black wool felt attached to a metal bronze tone chain.I have attached also a glazed spike on hoop that is hand Formed in Earthstone, and fired with Oilcloth glaze and Bronze clay by the talented artisan ceramist Petra Carpreau.

Size of embroidered part is 2.75x2.36 in (7x6cm)4.15 in (10.5cm) with porcelain spike.

Length of necklace with embroidered element and spike drop is 12.20 in (31cm.)

Default length of chain is 17 in (43cm.)

Colors: Lemon Yellow satin, Black satin, Maize Yellow satin Sequins.

Materials: wool felt, metal findings, seed beads, bronze chain, sequins, glass cut, glass buggles, handmade porcelain Oilcloth spike.

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