Golden Leaves of Paper Flower Necklace

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This Golden Leaves Necklaces is designed and made by me. There is a hand embroidered ecru wool felt attached to a metal bronze tone chain.I have attached also a Papery Flower that is hand formed in Ming Porcelain, and high fired. Then fired again with Bronze clay and Cara-be-in glaze by the talented artisan ceramist Petra Carpreau.Size of embroidered part is 3.74x2.16 in (9.5x5.5cm)2.95 in (7.5cm) with porcelain flower.Length of necklace with embroidered element and leaf drop is 11.80 in (30cm.)Default length of chain is 17.12 in (43.5cm.)Colors: Metallic gold and satin gold sequins.Materials: wool felt, metal findings, seed beads, bronze chain, sequins, seed beads 2.5mm gold plated, Glass buggles, handmade porcelain Papery Flowers -Cara-be-in.

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