Cactus Brooches with flowers

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These Cactus Brooches are designed and made by me. I made them of wool felt embroidered with seed beads, sequins and then attached to brooch pin 1.26 in (3.2cm) Size of embroidered part is 2.28x1.77 in (5.8x4.5cm)№1 Brooch Colors: Medium Chartreuse, Orange Flame Sequins and gold tone beads.№2 Brooch Colors: Teal, Watermelon Sequins and gold tone beads.№3 Brooch Colors: Lt.Leaf green, Med.Pink Orchid Sequins and silver tone beads.

Emily C. wrote:

Thank so you @velanch ! I am in AWE! The details, the craftsmanship is turns me into mush! It humbles me how humble you are :) I really do hope one day you will be able to open a gallery so you can show the world your wonderful creations.

Katelijn / wrote:

Waking up in the morning, sleepwalking to the bakery with selfmade bread bag, to then find : You've got mail ! AND what for a mail! @velanch From one of the most sweetest person I'm so thankful to have met on Instagram ! With this beautiful Cacti brooch (and some more that I will share late on). One thing is seeing it on pictures, but it's something completely different to have them in hand, hold it, let it shine and see the craftsmanship put into it! Just something real amazing. Thank you Elena

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