Botanical Flower Brooches: Sakura, Poppy flower, Sunflower, Lavender

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These Floral Brooches are designed and made by me. I made them of wool felt embroidered with seed beads, sequins and then attached to brooch pin 1.26 in (3.2cm)Size of embroidered part is 1.97x1.37 in (5x3.5cm)№1 Sakura Brooch: Pearl satin, mix pink flower Sequins and bronze tone beads.№2 Poppy Flower Brooch: White satin, red spiral Sequins and black, green white beads and green glass cut.№3 Sunflower Brooch: Pearl satin, sunflower, green transparent Sequins and bronze tone, green, yellow beads and glass bugles.№4 Lavender Brooch: White satin, Periwinkle and Md.Purple flower Sequins and green glass bugles, lavender beads and glass cut.

Elena Velanch wrote:

Hi, Sasha! Thank you for your comment! Yes, all brooches from this page are available so far. I will send you an e-mail with all the details!

Sasha wrote:

Hi! I really love your work, it's also beautiful! I was wondering if any of these broaches were still available? Thank you! :)

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