Tshirt "Branch of orange flowers"

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New Black Tshirt handmade embroidered by me.

Fully author's work and idea and not one day of creative work. But the result is beautiful, in a single original, brilliant, will make you unique in any day or event.

eur S

h of Tshirt=64 cm.

h of hand embroidery= 54,5 cm.

w of flowers= 8, 7, 6, 6, 4 cm.

Materials: a new 100% cotton Tshirt,Glitter-Liner, sequins, beads, glass beads, cutting.
Total 5 colors.
In the description of color-liners are allowed to wash the product in 40 deg. And sequins at 30 degrees, delicate hand-washing. It really is not checked.

I have not tried to wash those sequins. But I know that they are not allowed to rub and scratch. Therefore it is better not sully and be careful.
I do not take responsibility for the loss of color materials. Nothing is forever.

Produced: 2010.02.11



Ann wrote:

Веточка нежности!!!!

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