Bag "Colossus of Wisdom"

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New Black Bag (purse) hand painted and then embroidered by me."Colossus of Wisdom"Fully author's work and idea and not one hour of creative work. But the result is beautiful, in a single original, brilliant, will make you unique in any day or event.Composition of Bag : 100% cotton.Bag bought in a store H&M. (never wore)Colors of embroidery: Gold and Blue.Materials: a new black bag (purse)  with short handles, Color-Liner, Glitter-Liner, sequins, beads. Total 2 colors.In the description of colors are allowed to wash the product in 40 deg. And sequins at 30 degrees, delicate hand-washing.I have not tried to wash those sequins. But I know that they are not allowed to rub and scratch. Therefore it is better not sully and be careful.I do not take responsibility for the loss of color materials. Nothing is forever. Produced: 2011.06.29

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